Downpour will launch on 6th March 2024

Downpour launches 6th March

I am delighted to announce that Downpour, the game making app I’ve been working on for the last few years, is coming out on Android and iOS on March 6th!

So what is Downpour? It’s a tool for making videogames and websites and other kinds of collage-y hypertext-y things. Think Instagram Stories but you can easily link to other stories and they don’t disappear after 24 hours. Or, if you’re coming from indie games, think Twine except it works on your phone and it’s way easier to make images work in.

And the other half of Downpour is that it’s also a platform for hosting these games. Because what’s the use of making it easy to make games if it’s still a pain to actually share them? So instead, if you’ve got an account, you can just press the Upload button and it’ll upload to my server. And then you can share the link, and anyone can see it by going to that URL in their browser.

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and as a result I would quite like to make some money from it. So there are also subscriptions within it. The main appeal of these, to be completely honest, is that you want me to keep working on the tool and keep the platform alive. But also they gate access to adding hyperlinks to places not on the Downpour platform (because I’m worried about moderating spam) and they also gate access to how many images you can upload in a month (because I’m worried about hosting costs). We’ll see how this plays out - I’m hopeful that I will be able to dedicate serious time after the release to working on it and improving it. But that’s always the exciting/scary part of releasing.

Anyway, yeah - it’s coming out soon. I’ve put some shiny new screenshots on the website. I’m gonna be yelling about it loads more over the next month or so. If you’re press (or, to be quite honest, just friends with me) then please do reach out and I can give you early access. It’s happening!

16 February 2024