Let's Chat

I’m in the mood to chat with people. A thing I value and care about is being part of a interesting creative community, and to repeat a sentiment you have no doubt heard a lot, a pandemic makes it hard to see people in person, do international travel, etc.

Also I quit a job at a large company and now I miss meetings (???)

So, I am copying a concept I have seen others do, and setting up Open Office Hours. The way this works is, you can go to that page, pick a slot, and it will get added to my calendar (and yours!). Then when the time comes, we can meet up online and have a chat.

Here’s some examples of stuff I would enjoy talking about:

(It is possible, especially if you work at a company with money, that we’ll have a nice chat about me maybe doing some consulting work for you. But that sounds like a nice chat too)

If you are reading this and feeling a little shy and hesitant about reaching out, then I would say that that is often how I feel, and go on, do it, it’ll be nice.

And I should also say that you are very welcome to get in touch with me outside this system (especially if you are in a timezone these slots are inconvenient for, or want to offer me some work).

Okay! Here’s where you click.

07 February 2022