colourful diagonal stripes

I have a new webpage up! It is called r_g_b.html [warning for flashing colours].

This was developed out of my older webpage ▛▚▞▗, using the same technique that I call “iterative convolution”.

As the name “r_g_b” suggests, this version is a lot more colourful. You may notice the three static dots of red, green and blue that continuously seed the pattern - everything else is just the traces of those original colours interacting with each other.

This new version is also different in that it runs on the graphics card. I had tried this before, but ironically the faster update loop and full-resolution graphics made it harder to appreciate the patterns that the convolution created. I struggled for a while to create larger colour forms, but am very pleased with where I got to. I’m especially pleased with some of the ways that I’m injecting a little bit of noise, and how it sometimes creates a crunchy, fizzy kind of texture where two colours meet. I’m slightly surprised by how analogue this thing can feel - like it is physical video feedback equipment, or a cross processed negative, rather than an entirely digital effect.

Oh, and like my other webpages, this is interactive. It responds to mouse position (or drag, on mobile) and clicks/taps. And, somewhat more hidden, but if you want to capture images from it, you can press the spacebar to pause (and return to step forwards a single frame).

Hope you enjoy!

18 February 2022