DOOM Piano (with Sos Sosowski, Jonathan Brodsky and David Hayward)
A piano you can play DOOM on.

Coverage at Gamasutra, Wired, Kotaku, Engadget and CNET.

Made at the Virgin Media Game Space Arcade Jam, organized by David Hayward and attended by Marie Foulston, Jonatan Van Hove, Sos O. Sosowski, Jonathan Brodsky, Alice O'Connor, Ricky Haggett and Simon Bachelier. I was the one that soldered all 88 wires on, though.
RGBriefcase (with David Hayward and Jonathan Brodsky)
A mysterious briefcase. On the top, 12 buttons. Coming out, a telephone handset. Can you decode the tones and find out how to unlock the case? And what's waiting inside when you do?

Selected for the Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase at GDC 2014.

Made at the Virgin Media Game Space Arcade Jam, organized by David Hayward and attended by Marie Foulston, Jonatan Van Hove, Sos O. Sosowski, Jonathan Brodsky, Alice O'Connor, Ricky Haggett and Simon Bachelier.
A Bonfire (with Hannah Nicklin)
A short vignette sketch of a game-thing in reaction to a collection of stories from residents and activists involved in Sweets Way Resists. This was supported by a Utopia commission by LIFT and by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts. Here's Hannah's writeup.
Glitch Pigeon (with Hannah Nicklin)
A 2 day prototype, made during a residency at Oxford Playhouse with Hannah Nicklin. Take to the skies as a pigeon over Oxford. Eat the texts and tweets that you find crossing through the air. Also you can coo at other pigeons.

Here's a lovely review by Cai Wingfield, and here's Hannah's writeup.
Always Stuck Minding The Store
"one of the best games I’ve ever played about boredom" - Brandon Boyer

Made in a week for the Space Cowboy Jam. There's some discussion about it at the forums.
Shadow Photocopier
A game about guessing at shadows, commissioned for the Wellcome Collection's Late Spectacular : Play.
Aim For Love (with Martin Hollis)
Made for the Main Square at GameCity 8. A game played in a public square where people are paired up by Jumbotron love-cameras.

Coverage at BBC Click, the Guardian, DigitalSpy and VG247.
A webcam glitch toy.

Shown at HASHTAG ART at A MAZE 2014
Intergalactic Jellyfish
A jam game made at Zoo Machines 2015 with Carmen Johann, Alice Boudry, Marie-Emmanuelle Lemesre, Stéphane Gros, Saskia Kemna, Dimiter Petrov &Pepijn Willekens. You have to manoeuvre your hand through obstacles while watching on a glitching, time-delayed video feed.
CUBES (original browser version)
A game of dodging cubes. An interesting experiment in novel control schemes and minimal graphics. I'm most pleased with the way it induces flow. Originally made at a Cambridge Friendship Club game jam.
Hell Is Other People
You fight ghosts, which follow the paths of previous players. So you're fighting a recording, and that recording was fighting against a previous recording, all the way back to when I waggled the ship about in the editor. My first "released" game.
A Bastard
Originally a quick reworking of Gridwars (below), again for the GDC Pirate Kart. But it was too good, so now I'm expanding it for an iOS release. It's a local 2-player game, consisting of moving through a grid, moving and turning in discrete steps, and shooting at every step. But the controls remap with every button pressed, and soon you're fighting your opponent over the controls. Glitch Tank meets BUTTON, basically.
MEGA Bastard
A Bastard on a human sized keyboard made out of dance mats.
Made for the GDC Pirate Kart. A simpler, more sedate version of A Bastard.
Proteus Frog God Mod
It's Proteus, but you're a frog. And you're on a trampoline.
Made for the #7DFPS game event. A underwater deathmatch, where you duck into clouds of silt to ambush your opponents, hold your breath to sneak past enemies and swim like mad when you realize your harpoon has missed. Requires multiple players, but has a good swimming feel. 7DFPS entry, Blog on it's creation, Tumblr progress log
Hefty Seamstress - (github)
Another Cambridge TIGJAM game, this is a collaboration between me and Jonathan Whiting. It's a tree of backronyms, with everyone welcome to add more branches. Now lives on as a twitter account @heftyseamstress. There's a lovely writeup by Jenn Frank which gives a bit more context, too.
A experimental toy made for the Super Friendship Club Editor Pageant. I believe it is Turing complete (if you ignore the fixed memory size, which you should).
Hints: drag from a square to another square. The grey squares represent commands.
Clandestine Candy
A "running around" game made for a Hide and Seek Sandpit. Play as a sugar addict, trying to get sweets for monopoly money, a confectioner, trying to do just the opposite, or a dentist, trying to lure the others into revealing themselves. But no-one else can be trusted.
Holding the Baby
Quick experiential jam game also made at the London Molyjam with Alan Hazelden
Museum of You
Quick jam game made at the London Molyjam. Inspiration was from the following tweet: "How about something completely new? A game where you have to pay tribute to someone, collect everything about them and create a museum?"
A game where you have to guess the font used. It uses all the fonts installed on your system, which provides a built in difficulty curve for designers. But it's hugely unfair on people with a lot of non-Roman fonts. All graphics are done with textboxes, a contstraint I never really used to it's full effect.
Sweareoke - (github)
Project done by Joe Bain and me at London Music Hackday. It hooked up a Guitar Hero controller to some scrolling kareoke lyrics. You had to play the words, and if you fucked up, it swore at you. Fun, especially when you were on a terrible losing streak.
Terrible Bear - (github)
A bear that you could have a relationship with on twitter. It had emotional states, it said hilarious things, the very concept had us cracking up a whole night at the pub. A Cambridge Friendship Club collaboration.