Twine Workshop Resources

Hullo! This is a dump of links for people doing my workshop at Screenshake! If that is you, welcome. If not, then this may lack some context.

Here is where to download the Twine editor: - you want the older version, 1.4.2 (in the post-it in the top right hand corner). Or one of these direct links : Windows or OS X

Here are some games to play:

You can view the source of any of the above Twine files by :

  1. Opening the game in your browser
  2. Right clicking "Save Page As..."/"Save As..." and saving to somewhere on your local machine
  3. Opening Twine
  4. Creating a new story (File/New Story)
  5. Importing in the HTML file (File/Import/Compiled HTML File..., then find the html file you just saved
  6. And click "OK" when it asks you if you want to overwrite existing passages (such as "Start", "StoryAuthor" and "StoryTitle")
  7. And your screen should now fill up with little nodes and links connecting them! This process is not entirely reliable - I have found a couple of links have got mangled, and you lose the layout of nodes that the original author used (which can make the resulting nodemap difficult to untangle).

Here is a blogpost with come pretty diagrams: Heterogenous Tasks: Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games

And here is a handy tutorial (by Anna Anthropy - she also made Queers In Love At The End Of The World, listed above):
08 February 2015