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generative poetry readings by v21

Comments from Stephen Malinowski's video of Claude Debussy's Clair de lune


Stephen Malinowski

Performance and animated graphical score by Stephen Malinowski / Music Animation Machine. He also compiled together & sorted by length the comments from the YouTube video.

25 February 2017

sexwithflowers: flora and fauna by Kat Brewster

sexwithflowers: flora and fauna

Kat Brewster (@katbamkapow)

(with thanks to dobroide at freesound for their recording, "rain falling on a plastic greenhouse roof, soft")

The script for the reading:

please, let me enter them, they say.
there is the waning smell of moth orchid.

you plant your dick in their wetness. you let them eat you.

your hands slick with them, a sweet rose, sucking for an utterance.

i touch you, coming for this river.

she sighs to you, please fuck me.

their cock in your hands, hot and slick.

'i wanted to be the not-yet with you,' they say. you let them.

he ties you up, and touches you. you bury yourself in them, an orange.

'worship me as if you had me. i am asking to be showered by you, your broad kiss.'

please, let me come around her, they say.
there is the endless smell of marjoram.

when she enters her; your cock trembles, carnation, sultry.

between your thighs is a hot marjoram, gasping.

his mastery with you. you are coiled, you are punished, you are endless.

between your teeth is an eager moonflower, reaching.

he asks to demean you, begging to be used, eaten, a twining bottlebrush.

i touch you, stroking for that sea.

you are direct with you. 'order me.' your control is simple.
roses grew outside the window, delicate and furled.

'i needed to be a half-curled begonia over you,' they say. you let them, and they are warm.

25 February 2017

Wolf Proverbs by Ranjit Bhatnagar

Wolf Proverbs

Ranjit Bhatnagar / @ranjit

(with thanks to klankbeeld at freesound for their recording, "Pine-forest with wind between 2-3 bft at daytime / winter / January / Holland")

The script for the reading:

 slink 6 / HARSH SIGH / stand 2
 dominant pose / wide yawn 6 / play nip 7 / STUTTER SIGH / second nervous stance
 slink 1 / Squint Eyes / play bow / small dig 8 / Gaze Eyes / play bow / small dig
 big dig / raised paw right / sniff / BAD YIP / LOW YIP / head left reach 6 / scrape 3
 shimmy / fling dirt 2 / nervous stance 5 / killing snap / Squint Eyes
 Sidelong Eyes / snarl / wet shake 2 / BAD YIP / play bow / raised paw left 3 to 2 / YIP YIP / SIGH
 nip / raised paw right / low prance 5 / shimmy 4 / dry shake / slink 3
 sniff 5 / wet shake
 small dig 2 / LAUGH 2 / LONG SIGH / stand / MOON HOWL / YIP YIP
 snarl 6 to 8 / stand 1 / fling dirt 7 / tall stand / BAD YIP / Avert Eyes / Gaze Eyes
 LOW HOWL / snarl / YIP / skulk / Sidelong Eyes / dominant pose / shy stance
 cringe 4 / second nervous stance / PANTING / Sidelong Eyes / head left reach 2
 nip / dry shake / Squint Eyes / YIP YIP / low prance 3 / inhibited bite 6 to 8

21 February 2017

The Seeker by thricedotted

The Seeker (direct pdf link)

thricedotted (website)

From the README:

  • Every run of The Seeker is completely unique, because it relies on external randomness (in this case, WikiHow).
  • The Seeker is at once an algorithm, an agent, a protagonist, a narrator. At its essence, it is an entity that parses, deconstructs, and reconstructs text. The output of this algorithm are its "logs" of doing this.
  • The Seeker operates in three modes: Work, Scan, and Imagine. When the Seeker Works, it is scraping concepts about human activities from WikiHow. In Scan mode, it searches plain text "memories" for a seed concept it encountered during Work. It uses the concepts it doesn't recognize from Scan mode (i.e., the ones which are censored out in its logs) to Imagine an "unvision" around the seed concept. And so on. And so forth.
  • The Seeker is a piece that is better explained by itself than by whatever other bullet points I could write here about it.

25 June 2016

@poem_exe by Inky


@inky / Liam Cooke

The edited script for the reading:

winter morning
not at all bothered
so cold

violets, as i walk
spread about me

young sparrows
curling up
a crystal stream

stillness and solitude 
red rose petals
fragile moon

little snail
silently touching my hand 
without her

a faint yellow rose
and sunlight
on the moon

for sale
the scent
of flowers

meteor shower
there! and there!
a seagull's cry

waving as i pass
clouds peak
stars appear

19 June 2016

Pentametron by Ranjit Bhatnagar


Ranjit Bhatnagar / @ranjit

The edited script for the reading:

Want extra money for the holidays?
who even is miranda anyways
All of a sudden I'm into her, why?
some people don't deserve a fast reply.
You leave and nothing to forgive. Farewell
Selena was amazing. Holy hell
I'm gonna masturbate the pain away
Mad Guatemalans at the game today
You gotta operate in easy way
Alexis better put in work today
religion is a terrifying thing.
So Shakespeare didn't write The Lion King
@Fulani_Finest happy birthday bro
But i'm a little bit excited tho
good morning happy sasha cooper day
It really doesn't matter anyway.
More hoops tomorrow. Venice to the Drew. 
I'm always gonna see the good in you..
Bash to the Future is extremely lit
Black people are amazing holy shit.
Round 7      Ruslan 9     Molina 10
Just wanna be a happy kid again 
Best movie ever made 11/10
Manila major marathon again. 
Not also chanted other high affairs?
Things I've forgotten: toothbrush, gummy bears.

19 June 2016