A jam game involving cards or bits of paper for 3 or more players.

Write at least (3 x numbers of players) words describing a person onto the back of cards of bits of paper.

Shuffle them, and deal them out face down three to each player. Each player picks one, and discards the rest.

Now the group decides on a person to share stories of, and commemorate their life. This is a wake. Raise a toast to dear departed Jimmy!

You gain a point for every time you use the word on your card in conversation.

Players can guess each others words. If they guess correctly, that player can't score points any more. You can't guess twice in a row (ie if you make a guess, someone else has to make a guess before you can guess again)

The round ends when there's only one person whose word hasn't been guessed. The winner is the person with the most points.

If you play another round, the winner gets to add a card or two without anyone else seeing them.

The game is hard, but pretty funny. It's probably breakable, but that's okay.

We played with words like:

04 August 2012