object jam (early entry category)

I'm too lazy to wait for this jam to start, so I'm launching early. And no-one else is home, so I've not actually played my entry. But here it is:

a wall of books (a game for a wall of books)

make a pile of books stacked against a wall. use all the books. pile the books as sturdy as you can. if you have the patience and strength, everyone should contribute their own books. but books are heavy, so fuck that shit. use what you got.

everyone sits beside the wall of books, crosslegged. everyone picks a favorite book from the pile. everyone gets a bookmark and places it just inside the front cover of their book.

players take it in turns to describe a book. they pick another player, who has to has to withdraw books til they get the book being described. put the books back on the wall. if you gotta take extra books out to extract a book, take them out, then put them back on the pile. but you can't put any books on the floor that aren't already on the floor. if you get the wrong book: move your bookmark forward a page (ok ok, technically two pages). when you get the book being described, read a little of it aloud. and now someone else has a go.

when the pile falls on everyone, the game ends. the winner is the person with their bookmark closest to the front of their book.

now tidy up!
05 May 2013