Monogamy, a game for lovers

Okay okay, so I've not played it, but apparently there is a couple's boardgame thing called Monogamy. It gives you stupid tasks to do which are supposed to spice up your sex life. It is apparently awful? I have learnt all these things secondhand, and after doing so, I thought about how I might redeem it. So here's a gamepoem that attempts to do that.

MONOGAMY - a game for lovers

Required materials : Monogamy (the game), these rules

First, we need some characters. Everyone should think of a name, and then 1-2-3-say-it-out-loud. Try as hard as you can not to create any more of these characters beyond the name at this stage.

These characters have bought the game Monogamy, and have just sat down to play. Open the box yourself!

Begin playing Monogamy. Decide which character goes first. Describe what they do. How does it play out? Decide this collectively, interrupt freely, be interrupted with good grace, make a point of not matching characters to players.

Before playing the next turn, add a piece of backstory to your characters. Just a sentence, describing a thing that has happened in their lives to bring them to this point. Try to add the detail to a character you didn't name.

Now play the next turn. What happens? Do they enjoy it? Does it go right? (it doesn't seem like it's likely to, but you never know)

Now add more backstory. Try to add a detail to a character you didn't just add a detail to.

Keep going! Play more cards, add more backstory. Continue until Monogamy concludes, or at least your characters have.

Some advice for playing and general ethos:

Okay! That's my game. I wonder if Monogamy works the way I have assumed...
28 January 2015