Making Videogames With Squishy Bits - Bees In A Tin 2015
I look back at digital/physical games I've made, and attempt to distill out some universal principles for their design. Audio recording here.
Stop Making Videogames (Make Bots Instead) - VideoBrains June 2015
I give a quick tour of the world of twitter bots, talking about why they're so good, and such a rich creative form, in the hopes of tempting some people to expand outside the world of videogames and into a wider conception of electronic art. Also we all play some Connect 4. The tabs I had open are all listed here.
Twitter bot workshop - Feral Vector 2015
A workshop on how to make bots using my Cheap Bots, Done Quick! website (which was, in turn, developed in order to make giving this workshop possible). Here's the bots that resulted from the workshop. I would love to run this workshop again - please contact me if you'd be interested in having it run at your event.
I Will Explain Some Jokes That Are In The Form of Games - Electromagnetic Wave
I break down the concept of single-joke games, explain how humour works, and then use both to talk about how wonderful it is that games are little pocket universes you can invent the entire physics of. Also, with jokes.
Things That Go Squish - Playful13
Talking about game design, but starting with: in order to play a game, you have to be physically interacting with a controller. How does that impact the experience? It was written up here.
Tenya Wanya teens - Experimental Gameplay Workshop
Talking about the hardware side of building Tenya Wanya Teens, with Ricky Haggett and Keita Takahashi.
One Joke Games (video) - Pop Up Arcade
A reiteration of my EMW talk, but this time it was on camera.
Tying Stories Together With Twine - Screenshake Festival
A workshop where we looked at some existing Twine games, talked about the different narrative structures they had, and then built our own Twine games based on that knowledge.
Some Bots I Like Microtalk - Screenshake Festival
A whole load of Twitterbots that I love, and why I love them.
Other Genres You Can Make Your Game In (video) - A MAZE 2013
A whirlwind tour of all the different genres people are currently making games in, in an attempt to showcase the diversity of the indie scene and to make the point that our communities and conceptions of them should expand accordingly.
Building Custom Hardware (video) - Feral Vector
Here's some custom hardware I've built (Punch The Custard, Tenya Wanya Teens), and here's how it went, and thoughts and advice if you wanted to do something similar.
The Guardian Tech Weekly podcast
Appearing with Shahid Ahmad and Christian Donlan, we discuss the future of games in 2014.
Making Machines for Particular Games, and Games for Particular Machines - IGDA meetup
Talking about making Punch The Custard and Tenya Wanya Teens, and how the design thinking can flow back and forth between hardware and software.
Behold, the might of the shader! - London Unity Usergroup
A talk showing how to make post-processing shaders in Unity3D. Because you definitely can!
Making Super Springbreak Speedboat Hero SD (video) - London Unity Usergroup
A talk given with Russ Morris. We talked about how we recorded and replayed player input from Unity3D.
Games We Have Known And Loved - GameCamp 5
I led a discussion of people's favorite games, and bits of games. This was really a cheeky live version of my podcast series Games We Have Known And Loved