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generative poetry readings by v21

The Seeker by thricedotted

The Seeker (direct pdf link)

thricedotted (website)

From the README:

  • Every run of The Seeker is completely unique, because it relies on external randomness (in this case, WikiHow).
  • The Seeker is at once an algorithm, an agent, a protagonist, a narrator. At its essence, it is an entity that parses, deconstructs, and reconstructs text. The output of this algorithm are its "logs" of doing this.
  • The Seeker operates in three modes: Work, Scan, and Imagine. When the Seeker Works, it is scraping concepts about human activities from WikiHow. In Scan mode, it searches plain text "memories" for a seed concept it encountered during Work. It uses the concepts it doesn't recognize from Scan mode (i.e., the ones which are censored out in its logs) to Imagine an "unvision" around the seed concept. And so on. And so forth.
  • The Seeker is a piece that is better explained by itself than by whatever other bullet points I could write here about it.

25 June 2016