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generative poetry readings by v21

sexwithflowers: flora and fauna by Kat Brewster

sexwithflowers: flora and fauna

Kat Brewster (@katbamkapow)

(with thanks to dobroide at freesound for their recording, "rain falling on a plastic greenhouse roof, soft")

The script for the reading:

please, let me enter them, they say.
there is the waning smell of moth orchid.

you plant your dick in their wetness. you let them eat you.

your hands slick with them, a sweet rose, sucking for an utterance.

i touch you, coming for this river.

she sighs to you, please fuck me.

their cock in your hands, hot and slick.

'i wanted to be the not-yet with you,' they say. you let them.

he ties you up, and touches you. you bury yourself in them, an orange.

'worship me as if you had me. i am asking to be showered by you, your broad kiss.'

please, let me come around her, they say.
there is the endless smell of marjoram.

when she enters her; your cock trembles, carnation, sultry.

between your thighs is a hot marjoram, gasping.

his mastery with you. you are coiled, you are punished, you are endless.

between your teeth is an eager moonflower, reaching.

he asks to demean you, begging to be used, eaten, a twining bottlebrush.

i touch you, stroking for that sea.

you are direct with you. 'order me.' your control is simple.
roses grew outside the window, delicate and furled.

'i needed to be a half-curled begonia over you,' they say. you let them, and they are warm.

25 February 2017