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generative poetry readings by v21

Pentametron by Ranjit Bhatnagar


Ranjit Bhatnagar / @ranjit

The edited script for the reading:

Want extra money for the holidays?
who even is miranda anyways
All of a sudden I'm into her, why?
some people don't deserve a fast reply.
You leave and nothing to forgive. Farewell
Selena was amazing. Holy hell
I'm gonna masturbate the pain away
Mad Guatemalans at the game today
You gotta operate in easy way
Alexis better put in work today
religion is a terrifying thing.
So Shakespeare didn't write The Lion King
@Fulani_Finest happy birthday bro
But i'm a little bit excited tho
good morning happy sasha cooper day
It really doesn't matter anyway.
More hoops tomorrow. Venice to the Drew. 
I'm always gonna see the good in you..
Bash to the Future is extremely lit
Black people are amazing holy shit.
Round 7      Ruslan 9     Molina 10
Just wanna be a happy kid again 
Best movie ever made 11/10
Manila major marathon again. 
Not also chanted other high affairs?
Things I've forgotten: toothbrush, gummy bears.

19 June 2016