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Wasn't that something? I really love this game. But let's talk about that this evening.\n\nIf, like me, you like to unwind after finishing things where you've really entered a world by reading around the topic, here's some stuff to decompress with.\n\n[[Here's the MeFi thread for the game. Lots of shared feels to be had here|]]\n\n[[And maybe some meatier food for thought?|]] This is Leigh Alexander interviewing Porpentine about the game. Some fascinating stuff here, the highlight of which is probably [[a link to Kat Chastain's piece here|]]\n\nOr to dig around inside? [[Here's the node map|]], and here's [[the full source|]]\n\nNow what? Well, you could find some more stuff to read around the game. But we're starting to wear it a bit thin. I guess you could write more, and put it up on the Internet. But that seems like a lot of work. Or you could mull the game over, live inside it a little more.\n\nOr play [[other games by Porpentine?|]]\n\nOh, and: Porpentine's sister played this game. And in response, she [[drew this|]]
So you should play [[the game|]] first.\n\n[[Okay, done|played]]
Try fiddling with the difficulty levels? Not everything has to be played on hard mode.\n\n[[Cool, beat that bit|not_completed]]
That's okay. There's a couple of bits that trip people up.\n\n[[The bees|bees]]\n\n[[The shareware shit|shareware]]\n\n[[I've completed it now|completed]]
A reader for Ultra Business Tycoon III
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