Oculus Rift Guillotine Simulator

Disunion - The guillotine simulator from André Berlemont on Vimeo.

This concept is super interesting to me, and goes down some routes that I want to explore with my Oculus Rift (when it finally arrives!)

- The head is in a fixed position, which makes sense, because the Oculus can't detect lateral motion. So if you make a game where only the head moves you'll have more immersion. Thus why mech Oculus Rift games make the most sense, and FPSs are a bit of an uneasy proposition (I conjecture, have not put my hands on one). I've been batting around a puzzle/horror game played entirely while bound to a post in a deserted warehouse for the same reasons.
- The immersion of having a different playing positon -- lying outstretched, rather than sat in a chair. This is stupid to set up with a screen, but makes more sense with the Oculus.
- The theatrical immersion of having your hands behind your back. Would be even better with coarse rope tying you up, a wooden block to rest your neck in
- And, similarly, the discomfort of twisting your neck to see what's going on! Your natural view is just the basket, but you wanna see what's happening. But it's awkward, which is true, and effective.
- The surprise of the neck chop! Amazing. And all the better for being unexpected. A smallest touch of physical presence, suddenly bringing you a level deeper into "immersion" than just seeing through someone else's eyes. And the tension of the build up to the guillotine fall makes it all the better.
- I love how Nifflas is always game for stuff.

All in all, I wish I could've been there! Alas, work!
07 May 2013