A story about frogs
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<center><<print either(\n"A story about frogs.",\n"A story about a princess, locked up in a tower.",\n"A story set in space, but where being in space isn't cool but kind of boring.",\n"A story about being the best at bowling.",\n"A story about a creature that is invisible and lives in your mouth.",\n"A story about walking over a mountain.",\n"A story about being alone in space.",\n"A story about losing your mobile phone.",\n"Something that happened to you this weekend.",\n"A life you could have led.",\n"A story where no-one dies.",\n"A story where someone dies.",\n"A story about thinking you've fallen in love (but you haven't).",\n"A time when someone had a crush on you and you handled it badly.",\n"A story where someone gets an electric shock.",\n"A story set entirely underground.",\n"A story about being a pigeon.",\n"A story set on a small boat.",\n"A story set on a huge ship.",\n"A bad-ass action movie!",\n"YOU ARE A COOL CYBERSPACE HACKER AND NO-ONE CAN BRING YOU DOWN",\n"You have a big scar across your face.",\n"You go to gigs almost every day.",\n"A story about feeling overwhelming sadness one morning.",\n"A love story.",\n"You're wearing snowshoes, but you're really clumsy in them. Where are you? What are you doing?",\n"The expletive printer doesn't work! Argh! ",\n"You have superpowers, but only when no-one is looking.",\n"A mysterious, irritating sound.",\n"A story set in a small, isolated village.",\n"You wake up, make yourself a flask of coffee, and drive your truck to work.",\n"Fuck! You're late! Agatha will be furious!",\n"You have a wobbly tooth.",\n"A story about a game of chess.",\n"The first snowfall of the year.",\n"A story about being alone.",\n"A story about being lonely.",\n"Something in your ear.",\n"Nothing up my sleeves, honest!",\n"You are a wizard, but it goes wrong.",\n"You have a tractor, and you're really happy about that.",\n"A story about replacing something very ordinary with an exact replica.",\n"A story about hiding from someone.",\n"A story about falling over and grazing your knee.",\n"A story about coming second.",\n"A story about a natural disaster.",\n"A story set in a single moment of time.",\n"The anticipation of a new lover's arrival.",\n"The best photograph you will ever take in your life.",\n"A large man is sarcastic and threatening.",\n"A woman can't find something important.",\n"A story where the teacher is as foolish as the pupil.",\n"A story you can't trust.",\n"A small detail proves significant."\n)>></center>\n\n[[Another?|prompt]]
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