The light flickers rapidly. You sweat as you unscrew the lid. [[Flick flick flick|1]] The bottle is empty. [[SHOUT|2]]The sound gets stuck and you cough Your mind does its usual thing and you [[remember|3]]You forgot to close the door of this room. Flick flick flick SOMEBODY MIGHT COME IN UNINVITED. The bottle is [[emptier|4]]Your dealer - he sells happiness. You can never get enough of it. That is why even though the bottle is fully full You see it as empty Flick flick [[flick|5]]You wonder if the door was really left unlocked. Maybe some unicorns will come visit You start seeing [[pink|6]]Open? Closed? Open? Closed? These thoughts haunt you every 1 hour 29 minutes You've counted, how could you not You are a flawed individual, a fault in the mechanism The door cr[[eeeeeaaaaa|7]]ksThe door creaks and a few dozen unicorns fly in Yep, you remember now As you lie on the dirty tiled floor While unicorns form a flock above you You definitely closed it After checking the lock about twelve times [[Happiness is in you again|8]]Their fur is soft and coloured like a rainbow You manage to screw the lid before passing out The last thing you see is a single lamp Going [[flick, flick, flick|9]]The next day, Mark visits you. You exchange money for happiness. You take a bit more than usual, but he doesn't question you. He's a [[fine lad|10]]There are other people that are not as fine Your parents, for example Instead of getting help for your "weird stress" They told you to suck it up How [[oldschool|11]] of themOf course, you didn't get any better You got the worst mark possible for public speech in Uni 0 You just didn't show up and locked yourself up in a toilet You checked the lock about twelve times each [[time|12]]You met Mark a year ago He deals so that he can pay for his studies He wants to be a photographer, you think he'll get there He proposed a compromise: You'll go to a therapist And he'll help you kickstart Your [[happiness|13]]Mark lets you take more sometimes, but you know he's got an eye on you He hates what he's doing You take a slow breath and speak up You get a 65% in your [[International Law|14]] speech Not everything is black and white, honey After all, the light does flicker